The Starting Point

I the editor have been interested in alternative views, in other words, what is not presented by the Main Screen Media, ever since 9/11 when I saw three buildings fall suspiciously fast and wondered how that could be.

I started the 5G site in May 2018. it has now become the biggest reference point anywhere for matters 5G, both for and against with over 8000 links.

Greta Thunberg has always struck me not only as an emotionally disturbed and frightened child but someone cleverly positioned “don’t criticise me because I’m a child” When funded by Soros there are always agenda 30 and New World Order issues hovering in the background to be taken into account.

The Extinction Rebellion movement, worldwide, appeared amazingly out of nowhere 18 months ago and seems extraordinarily well organised and funded. The movement seems to have attained the status of a religion where logical thinking is cast aside and where people chant mantras, and repeat questionable material given to them by certain scientists.

It is interesting that 30,000 scientists who are critical of the current theories behind the global warming movement are purposely kept quiet or ignored. Those who speak up while they are in post are sacked. The first one I recall was David Bellamy, the much loved naturalist who worked for the BBC until 2013. He was kicked out unceremoniously for what he said in 2004 – namely that man-made global warming is poppycock. Obviously the BBC were carrying out orders.

If all this is not a hidden agenda. I’d like to know what is.

There are many parallels between government and corporations’ silence with regard to 5G and their silence with regard to climate change.

The golden rule seems to be “follow the money”.

In this case, millions of dollars are to be made out of the carbon trading credit system. In addition, the averred agenda of 2030 is global control, and a phenomenon which appears to be beyond the ability of any individual country to deal with is the ideal candidate.

As I have done with 5G so I will try to present both sides of the picture. As I suspect I’ll find, there will be very little concrete evidence for the global warming theory itself but I’m duty-bound to report both sides as I do with 5G.

I don’t want this to be the sort of site where people throw insults at each other but as I I’m fond of saying “unless you understand the back story you don’t understand anything at all”

Enjoy the site….. Oh and if you have any contributions post them or send them to me for publication. Facts only please.