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Unhinged attacks on Greta

October 6th, 2019|  Right – Wing media launch unhinged attacks on Greta Thunberg. Right-wing media figures -- many of whom deny the evidence of human-caused climate change....  [...]

Hoaxes about Greta

October 6th, 2019| hoaxes about Greta Thunberg after her family, image and activism. But why? Like a tsunami following an earthquake, waves of misinformation, conspiracy theories and [...]

UN Taking Advantage

October 4th, 2019|

The UN is taking advantage of hysterical teen - Greta Thunberg VIDEO 4:57 Pub 24 Sept 2019 Added 27 Sept 2019

Greta needs to be rescued

October 4th, 2019|

Greta the eco-hysteria girl needs to be rescued from the psychological terrorism of her handlers VIDEO  Brighteon 16:30 Added 26 Sept 2019

Greta controlled by Soros

October 4th, 2019|   Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros.   Pub 24 Sept 2019 Added 1 Oct 2019

A letter to Greta Thunberg

October 1st, 2019|

A letter to Greta Thunberg. VIDEO Greta Thunberg of the school #ClimateStrike fame made a compelling, if somewhat dystopian, presentation at COP24. Michelle Stirling, Communications [...]